Thursday, February 01, 2007

Vintage Wine...Vintage Clothes...Vintage Sluggers????

So, I am driving home from work and naturally, have the sports radio channel on (I ain't gonna say which one, but flip a coin, WFAN or WEPN, and I hear the Mets just signed Ruben Sierra...WHOA - back up a moment...Ruben Sierra??? Geeees.

He's vintage. I know people pay a lot for vintage clothes and vintage wines...but vintage ball players???

This would have been a no brainer back in '87 when Rubie kept crushing those 5 oz balls made in Haiti over high fences. But this is today and he is full of question marks based on his stats.

I do give the man (both he and Omar) credit. At an age when most ball players (save for the other vintage, Julio Franco) are retired, Ruben keeps bouncing back. And who can't resist admiring, questioning and even trying to practice that swing, kicking the leg out, pausing and bringing the bat around to hit the sssssshhhhhh - imaginary ball. Omar Minaya must see something in him too. It's rare that he has a bust as a player.

For all the Mets fans out there, this isn't the first time OLD R.S. has been getting a W-2 from the Metropolitans. Back in '98 he signed a free agent contract, but didn't appear in any games for the Mets. As a matter of fact, he sat out '99 returning the following year.

If you want to see a man who must own a few suitcases, click the link for Roob's stats and scroll down. Seems like he boomerangs to the Rangers every few years.

I am hoping Sierra will become a Treasure Sierra and lead the Mets to some W's...Wins, will be modern and vintage. Can't take them away.

Psssssssssssssssssst....Winter is officially over. It's Feb and this is the month that catchers and pitchers report.

Bring it on.


Matt said...

I don't mind the signing. Ruben is old but he can still get around on the ball. They signed him to a minor league contract (i think). So he will be a guy they bring up in a pinch to give them some more power and a little spark here or there. He also ads veteran leadership and can teach the young bloods in the minors (which he agreed to do).

Smart move that costs us nothing.

UltiMETFan1969 said...

Matt - great point. I want to let the millions of readers of this blog (OK, the 5 or so) that I think Roob is a good move.