Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Book Me on The Next Flight To Florida....

We are about to get hit with a cold spell - snow, they say, and all that keeps ringing in my ears is the phrase ".........Days 'Til Pitchers and Catchers Report......."

That is one of THE nicest chain of words (well, aside from the things people say on Valentines Day to each other - let me qualify that by those who LIKE each other)...that I can hear all winter.

And, with the warming of weather, comes the change - not only in temperature, but in rosters.

Today, I learned the Baltimore Orioles signed Steve Trachsel http://www.baseball-reference.com/t/trachst01.shtml . Now, a good friend of mine, "MAC" who has contributed to this blog is a BIG fan of Steve. MAC, I will only refer to him as "Steve Trash Can" one time outta respect. I still, to this day can't see what the Mets saw in him. Not to take anything away from his ability as a ball player (in 2005, he made upwards of 6 million...I made upwards of 6 bucks) but he was marginal at best - YEAH. Go ahead and berate me with the 15 wins from 2006 -but when you add up his record with the Mets since 2001, it is only 66-59. Steve was one of those pitchers like Mike Hampton who came in with high expectations and just - well, didn't dazzle.

I know our pitching situation for 07 is influx. Glavine is 41. El Duque probably WAS 41 (at one time) and Pedro along with Dave Williams will be placing their derrierre's on wood for several months while their wings heal. Darren Oliver, speaking of wings, flew to the Angels, Chad Bradford sidled (get it? he s a side armer) outta here - so, our main concern will be getting the right guy on the mound at the right time - (Footnote to Omar - Remember the Maine: both John and the battleship: http://www.homeofheroes.com/wallofhonor/spanish_am/02_maine.html
Pelfrey can be good and we have to see what else is in store.

That's why we have Feb 15. It's the second most important day behind Valentine's day and grounhog day. I look forward to seeing my shadow - that will mean baseball season can't get here too soon.

I do ask my fellow fans to be patient until the bugs are worked out of the rotation.

Now the countdown begins - I can't believe I am saying this but after a drought of no MLB since late October, I can really get into a Mets-Devil Rays spring training game.

Yeah, I'm addicted to baseball and I won't give it up. I'll sit in the last row of a crowded delayed plane, middle seat between two fat guys (who each bring their own baloney & liverwurst sandwiches) just to see some early ball.

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