Monday, February 19, 2007

40/40/40/40 Club?

Is 40 the "New 20?" - Maybe for the starlets in Hollywood - Julia Roberts, Cindy Margolis, etc...but for baseball players? Well, Maybe. I know the Mets think so.

El Duque (as alluded before in this blog, I believe he saw 40 awhile ago)
Mosies Alou
Julio Franco
Ruben Sierra
and, now, Sandy Alomar Junior -- all have blown out 40+ candles on their recent birthday cakes.

With the way ball players are taking care of themselves these days, it is good to see players being productive at this stage of their career.

Now, I hope the Mets aren't looking at these players figuring they will be as good as they were in 1988, but you never know. I personally hope they all do well and make the team. Longevity (AND being good) is key to this game and many players fade before you know it (David Clyde, Joe Charboneau, etc).

The ironic thing, is that many of these players will be admitted into the ballpark a few years from now with a senior citizen discount. (All they have to do is show their current employee ID and then they'll get past the guards and get on the field.

I have a sneaking suspicion that in a few years, we will have a team of old Minnie Minosos ...but that guy drubbed out a hit at the age of 50 and swung the bat twice at age 54.

Sandy, welcome aboard...Let's see you make the roster.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Mets might be opening their version of an old folks home. Some of the Mets players will get their MLB pension and Social Security at the same time. The Mets trainers will draw their pay from Midicare.

Anonymous said...

The talk in the metropolitan Calhoun, GA. area in that the Mets will finish a distant second to the Atlanta Braves in 2007. Rumor is that the Braves let the Mets win in 2006 because of a threat that the Mets were going to try to get in another division if they lost the division again in 2006. Can't let guaranteed wins leave the division.

UltiMETFan1969 said...

Gees...when they give a guy a typewriter in Calhoun - that is just plain dangerous business...Braves are yesterday - METS are today and tomorrow --OH, and BEYOND...Get ready for the Dynasty to begin...We'll help you up on the bandwagon!