Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let's Stand The Heat...And Stay in The Ball Park

Someone, somewhere in some locker room shook up the Mets in a positive way and their momentum is back.

A good win over the Reds today. Ollie Perez looked a bit shaky in the early stages, but managed to escape severe damage.

I had the ticket for today's game, but had to give it to a good friend since it was Mother's Day. But, I had the game on in the background and enjoyed it.

Griffey had a good series and it was nice to see Junior back. Wish he came to the Mets several years ago. Odd stat... something like Junior hit 438 home runs (give or take) by the age of 31 and only 159 since 2001. Imagine if he was injury free during this period. Barry Bonds would have been a footnote.

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