Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sosa and Figueroa - Packing the Steamer Trunks

Bon Voyage Jorge and Nelson.

The Mets needed to make a move -- a right move, and this is it. Lately, the bats are alive and the middle relief has been blowing it. Sosa was either lights out (more like candles blown out) when he was on, other times, little leaguers could hit him better than they could a T-Ball.

Duaner was almost a goner after he had two on and was able to get out of the inning. Don't think he's immune.

What puzzles me is the talk about sending down Joe Smith. He's pretty safe and gets the job done. The sidearm motion is one that baffles many a batter.

I plan to talk about sidearmers a little later down the road in a post, but want to emphasize I am all for them. Mets had Chad Bradford, Brad Clontz and a few others in the past.

Nice to see Fernando Tatis come back...only because he is the only man in history to hit 2 *yes, Dos* grand slams in one inning. I'd settle for one a game to get the lead and the win.

It is going to be interesting to see the middle relief in the coming days. Wise, and others. But, one thing mystifies me is how Scott Schoenweis is escaping scrutiny.

Back to my dayjob (well, tomorrow, it is late as I write this)...If I had all the solutions, I'd be a GM.

On another note, I got a ticket for the Friday night game against the Yankees. Santana on the mound. I won't jinx myself, but this is the first Mets game in eons I went to where there was a Name Pitcher (thanks Jim Bouton for that phrase - well, really, "name player") besides Ollie Perez, Pelfrey and Figueroa. OH. Not to mention Chan Ho Park who I got to see pitch in his lone appearance with the Mets last year. He was on the mound and the folks in the stands were the ones that were doing the hurling.

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