Saturday, May 31, 2008

Palpitations -- But The Mets Won!

Watching Mike Pelfrey just does odd things to me. You never know what the kid is going to do. He has a great delivery, but gets flustered so easily.

The image of the left was a stress test that reflects my reaction to each of his pitches.

Glad the Mets came out of the game well today. They were able to hold off potential base runners and kept the speedy Juan Pierre off the base stealing efforts.

Tomorrow night, Sunday, I am heading to the ESPN game. First time I get to see Santana pitch. I never have luck seeing the top Mets pitchers hurl. In the early 90s, I always wound up with a Wally Whitehurst or Sid Fernandez. As of late, it has either been Pelfrey, Perez or Figueroa.

Here's the box score for posterity (translation, so Pelfrey's mom can read it). Interesting note I forgot to mention a few days ago...Duaner Sanchez, who won the other day, had a rare opportunity to bat. It amazed me how much hustle he had as he ran to first base

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