Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can We Clone Nick Evans?

What a day! Nick Evans, just called up from the farm, looking like a boyish Jerry Seinfeld, swung a mean stick. Collecting three doubles and two RBI. Let's just say he led by example, showed up the team and got them fired up.

You know, with the DL summoning many a Met these days (Marlon "Pinch Hit a Specialty" Anderson, Moises "Again" Alou, Pedro, El Duque etc...) the new blood - Fernando Tatis included has given the Mets an extra spice that helped them win.

I like Evans. He's a surprise. Looks very confident, shows good patience and judgement at the plate and is very hungry. The night before, he's in Double A Binghamton and then skips a level and literally steps up to the plate. This is the approach the Mets of Yore took -2005, 2006, 1986, 1988 and that especially scrappy 1973 team. The latter foundered most of the year before coming back to roar to the World Series. This is still a goal and it still can be done.

The story on the Mets web site,"Evans makes his mark right away" is a good recap.

Willie Randolph summed it up:

"He hit a bomb in Spring Training off the center-field wall," Randolph recalled on Saturday. "I like his approach -- nice inside-out kind of swing. Usually with young kids, you notice that right away, the way they approach the at-bats. I just saw two or three at-bats at the most and watched him take a little BP.

"He's having a nice little year. We need some help. Guys are getting banged up again. Hopefully, we can get a little feel for what he can help us do, not just now but maybe in the future. He's one of our young prospects. I like young kids, and I like to see what they do."

I see a bright future for him. Go # 6~

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