Thursday, May 08, 2008

No More Power in the Big Red Machine

During the heyday of the Reds when Sparky Anderson was at the helm and the infield was comprised of guys named Rose (yep, Pete), Perez (Si' Tony) and Conception (Yes, Dave) -- and other top players, centered around Johnny Bench squatting over the dish, the Cincinnati team was known as "The Big Red Machine" - in my view, its because they steamrolled the competition.

Fast forward a few decades and into the new century and what do you have? A team decimated by lack of top quality players and injured stars long past their prime (for the record, I always admired Ken Griffey, both Per and Fils).

So, it is now incumbent upon the Mets to kick start their engines and roll over the Reds in the Blue and Orange Machine.

I expect a sweep.

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