Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick Lesson in Translation...

Ok, so, how do you say "put in a crappy pitcher that gives up 4 hits, 4 runs, loses the game, loses the lead and doesn't even get a batter out."
Alas, it can be summed up in two words: Aaron Heilman.
I have 9 credits in philosophy, 3 in psychology and combining both, I cannot figure out why Willie Randolph keeps using him, and when he does, why does he leave him in so long?
Let's put it in barbecue terms, he should be taken out when rare, not well done and burnt.
For those of you who have the fortitude and won't get squeamish, here is the Box score from the Dodgers win over the Mets.
In another Ironic move, Chan Ho Park, who appeared in one game as a Met in 2007 (of course, that was the game I went to where he had a spot start and tanked) is back with his former club (L.A.) and beat the Mets.
So, how will I sleep tonight? Maybe better, Maybe worse. If I am asleep, I will be doing an imitation of Carlos Delgado at the plate and at first.
Footnote: It WAS nice to see the Mets come back from a 3 run opening deficit. This kid on the Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw, looks like he has a bright future.
'Till tomorrow.

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