Sunday, May 04, 2008

Diamond (In The Rough) Backs - a Nice W!

The Diamondbacks held a Big Carat in front of the Mets for most of the weekend, but the Amazing's, in my opinion, pulled off a good series. But, I think the team from the sandland is going to be tough the rest of the year. Not only do they have a nice young line-up, but their pitchers wield mean lumber...And, that Bob Melvin is a genius skipper as he has a proven Micah Owings who can swing with the best -- and rookie pitcher, Max Scherzer (who will be making his debut on Monday, May 5 got some time as a pinch-runner.

Santana pitched a good game, but Willie needs to give the pen a little rest. Rightie vs. Rightie; Leftie vs. Leftie - that has to cool down a bit.

Box Score for historical posterity:

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