Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mail it In? No. Mets Need to Stamp Some Runs

Early talk this year was the Mets were going to be a lock to go to the playoffs and beyond. We are only one month into the season, and by going 16-13 every month, well, its not the ticket to get there and be the best -- unless the season runs a dozen years straight.

I have heard some friends say that Randolph must go. This is nuts for the time being. It is in the personnel. Beltran, Delgado, Castillo and the pitching staff are just having horrendous periods.

I want to focus on Beltran here for a sec. He's only hitting around .216 and there just doesn't seem to be any zip or emotion in him. I guess once the check is cashed, the incentive is gone.

Walter Alston, manager of the Dodgers from circa 1955 until circa 1976/77 had the right idea. One year contracts. The multi-year deal has taken the vinegar out of the players, and we are just left with piss. (If you recall, piss and vinegar = spryness).

Let's get it back. Beltran, step up to the plate. And wait for your pitch and swing. Don't let it go by. (We all remember 2006 and our tolerance will not forgive more incidents like that).

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