Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ship Seems To Be Wrighted

Its midway through the Sunday night game and besides surviving Ollie Perez's scary and unpredictable pitching (Nice K of Abreau and leaving the runner at 3rd...) I am trying to also stomach Joe Morgan. I normally like him but for most Sunday night games, I pay attention to it, then do a few errands...but, man, he can get to you with some of his oddball comments. But I rather hear him than Tim McCarver.

So far the game is going well and the Mets seemed to have found their stride. Playing better ball and confidence seems to be back. We have 3 more innings to go, and Joe Smith is warming up. Let's hope the last place Yanks have trouble hitting side armers.

I'm tapped out for now. Double header on Tues...Can't wait!

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