Monday, May 12, 2008

Pie....I'm Having A Slice, and Seconds Are Coming Without Action

A few years ago, I noticed that the lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays (THERE! I said Devil prior to Rays) always used to Whup the living daylights out of the first place Yankees at least once a year by some lopsided score, 18-1, 16-2 maybe even a 13-0 thrown in at some point.

There I was sitting high with my mighty Mets who may have lost the same day too, but not as bad. Maybe a 9-7 or a 6-3 or maybe even 4-3.

So, what happens today, I gorge myself on some pie. Humble Pie. The lowly Nationals some how again tore apart the Mets as they had their momentum going. After the score reached double digits, I knew I was on a second helping. These losses are fattening. So fattening, that no one was able to sit in the orange seats by the 7th inning.

All I know is I am going to pass up the humble pie the next time a trouncing like this happens and just break out the tissues and weep.

12 Hits, 4 Runs and 16 men left on base for the Mets...OH, the good news? The Nats left 21 on base. Shudder to think what the score WOULD have been if there was hustle?

For "posterity" here is the box score:

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