Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alou Out With Hernia - Will Bonds Be LEFT for Heavy Lifting?

I saw this a few minutes ago and it startled and floored me. I play Fantasy Baseball in the ESPN and Yahoo leagues. As a lark, I saw Barry Bond's name and there was news upon clicking the icon.

Dated March 21 it read:

Speaking on WFAN-660 Radio Friday, GM Omar Minaya wouldn't definitively rule out signing Bonds, but said "right now" he is happy with the guys he has.
Spin: That "right now" leaves a small window open for Minaya to possibly sign Bonds down the road if Moises Alou is out longer than expected and Angel Pagan's fine spring does not carry over to the season. That being said, Bonds joining the Mets down the road seems like a big long shot.

This would absolutely be preposterous. I don't want to hear any more about Bonds. Period. He is a pariah no matter how big he gets - HE GETS HUGE (interesting, to shorten that, you can say HGH!).

Almighty Omar - we implore you to look elsewhere for a left fielder...AAA!

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