Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day - 2008

It's late as I write this. My son has been hospitalized for a few days and while I wanted to begin regular blogging in the pre-season, a few priorities took precedence.

So, the Mets throw a W on the board on this day, March 31. You know, having opening day in March is kind of like getting a bigger refund from the taxman than you anticipated -- or putting in for a random day off weeks in advance for work -- and it turns out sunny and clear skies. Simply the best.

Johan put some nice numbers up and I am confident it will continue. From a Fantasy baseball perspective, I have Wright, Reyes and Beltran along with Santana, Maine and Ollie Perez -- NOT on the same team, though I wish. All scattered over a few.

Well, my wife told me that after I left the hospital tonight (we had the replay of the game on), my son sat intently and watched the Mets win over the Marlins 7-2 -- with his Teddy Bear next to him.

I hope to capture that image 161 more times during the regular season and a few more in the playoffs and world series. Long live Shea.

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