Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Pedro See-Saw

Ugh. Don't tell me that Pedro is going to be out with another injury after only pitching 4 innings?

I wish MLB managers would get wise and realize that when you warm up in Florida or Arizona for 3 months, once you hit the colder climate, your muscles take the hit.

Stretching is important. As a runner, I feel that all athletes should put in a good period of time to stretch.

OK. I'm done being Jack LaLanne for the night. I am about to do my 8-hour impression of Rip Van Winkel. (Or, Casey Stengel on the bench, circa 1962.

Play Ball

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Bennett Baruch said...

So bummed about Pedro - still shocked, but I think the Mets will take the hit and continue on their path to the Series. Everyone knew he'd go down at some point and if this means he'll be back for Sept./Oct. -- I'll take it :) Also, Pedro was in Fla. when he sprained/tore his hammy.