Monday, April 07, 2008

Opening Day at Shea - It's the Last One There - NO WAY!

Who would have ever thought that Shea would close? It's an icon. Alas, I am not attending opening day, but a colleague of mine is. (Lucky Bastard).

However, I will have the game on the radio and will watch the re-run when I get home.

In the past, I have attended 2, maybe 3 opening days. I used to go with a few guys from school. There were four of us. Skip, Gary, Larry and myself. Though it has always been combinations of 3 -- every year, one of us couldn't make it.

Take a look at Marty Noble's article about Opening Day. Hard to believe close to 3,500 games have been played at Shea. Gees, pondering a question...I wonder if there are any original season ticket holders from 1964 to date who have never missed a game?

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Bennett Baruch said...

We are all very sad to see Shea go, but Citi (especially upclose) looks absolutely stunning.