Monday, April 28, 2008

Is Carlos Delgado Ted Williams? Then BFD on the Curtain Call

Carlos Delgado finally got off the schnied yesterday and hit 2 HRs in a Mets W over the Braves. All of a sudden, he is required to tip his hat in a curtain call??? Am I missing something here? He's hitting .205 or so, went something like 4 for 46 and now he's required to doff the cap to the Shea crowd? We have better things to worry about.

Remember, the great Ted Williams homered in his last at bat, crossed the plate and didn't acknowledge the fans (and, ostensibly, he basically DOUBLED Delgado's present average in 1941)... Here's a video of a classic at-bat. For Carlos, you need to up your production a bit.

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