Sunday, April 27, 2008

Knowing Your *A*s*s From First Base -- OR, Who Will Be There Next Year?

Today I attended my second Mets game of the year and prior to the game, I saw a column in Newsday about Mark Texiera as an early candidate for First Base next year:,0,4157601.story

David Lennon cites logical reasons why it may happen. And, I think it could be a good addition. Piazza won't return to the first sack, so we need to see where our bread (two pieces) will be buttered.

Now, I read the article this morning, and what happens? Delgado must have read it too fearing for his job as he clubbed 2 HRs today against the Braves. See Box Score: But Delgado is aging and sadly, this is a detriment to the current team. Several other Mets greats aged out and it is time to closely watch Delgado and see where the team is headed. A sub-200 average can't cut it at the end of April.

Who would I like to see there? Well, Obviously, Albert Pujols, but let's be a little more realistic and not Disneyfantasyland...Adrian Gonzalez, Mike Jacobs (would be a return of the native) and Kevin Youklis could be some good, middle market grabs. Let's see what happens...

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