Saturday, April 12, 2008

Booing Santana Already??? Come On NY...Let's Get Real

I saw the game this afternoon (I put off the yardwork - something about time management)...

Yes. Johan wasn't as good as expected surrendering three gopherballs. Three is ordinarily 3 too many, but let's be realistic, he does have a propensity for giving up a lot of home runs as evidenced by this stint with the Twins. 33 alone last year. So there should not be any suprises.

He has a habit of grooving the ball right down in the right place in the strike zone. Something called pinpoint control.

Take a look at Peter Botte's article in the Daily News: One line says it all about his pitching performance: "Not Cy Young, but not Anthony Young" Let's also realize, Johan doesn't deserve the Ed Whitson treatment.
Tomorrow, Sunday, April 13, I am going to my first Mets game of the year. I do hope Jose Reyes is back in the line up.

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