Thursday, April 10, 2008

ITS BACK! Random Met -- Today's "Winner" - Roberto Petagine

Certain things in life are sacred - the forumla for Coca Cola. The recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken and, perhaps, the most unheralded, but equally important, is my algorithm for selecting the Random Met.

I haven't done this in awhile, but the truth is I am rushed for time and don't have the creative juices for a few other topics that are swimming in the cabeza at the moment.

Without further BS, Heeeer'es Roberto Petagine.


Yes. Roberto Petgagine.

He was on the Mets. Like Casey Stengel said, "You Could Look it Up" -- You don't have to. Here are his stats:

In 62 games, he batted .232 in his first year and .067 in his second. WOW. .067? The Little Sisters of the Poor's "B" squad WORST player hits in the low triple figures.

But some further reading on Roberto sheds an interesting light about his career in Japan:

NOTE: As I was writing this, Reyes scored from second on a line drive to center by Angel Pagan. Play at the plate was VERY close...but the Mets beat the Phils in a momentum victory.

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