Friday, April 25, 2008

Where Do We Begin? Where Does it End?

Stats have been baffling...

  • Delgado is mired in a 4 for 45 slump.
  • Middle relief is suffering
  • Leads aren't being held. Case in point, Mets leading 3-1 on the Braves, then lose and don't have any hits since the 3rd inning.

The announcers on SNY.TV during the game were talking about getting fixed in a Mantra -- and I agree. Last year it was along the lines of "We may be losing all these ballgames, but we are in first place." Now it seems to be "It's Early." "It's April." Not good to have these because whatever time interval that you wish to add will be false justification.

The Braves have been stifled since 05 and have not seen the post season, largely thanks to the Mets. Let's keep that streak going. Play some focused baseball. Watch the seams on the ball as it comes to you. Drill down, wait for your pitch, fellow Mets.

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