Saturday, April 05, 2008

Well, I WAS Rooting for Ruben Gotay

All last year when the Mets needed to find infielders with all of the maladies hitting the team, and, for a chance to spell the regulars now and then, Ruben Gotay proved to be a capable hitter and fielder. Am I touting him for the Hall of Fame? No. But he was a good role player in certain situations and was needed.

It goes beyond my walnut-sized brain for comprehension, but WHY did the Mets put him on waivers? Look, they kept Chan Ho Park for a long time and various other players in the minors, but it was plain to see this was a bad move. And, the salt in the wound - the Braves pick him up.

When he batted in today's game, I wanted him to make an "I TOLD YOU SO" statement. And, it appears he did...a liner up the middle. First hit as a Brave. It had no impact on the score, but surely, the Mets acted a bit too quickly in getting rid of him.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Bobby Cox knows talent better than the Mets GM. Hell, I know he does.