Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Casey Stengel + Yogi Berra's Logic = More Cohesive than Today's Game

"Living on the lighted stage approaches the unreal"

The short sentence above says it all for today's game.

I happened to take it in live, and it was the first time ever in my life where I wished I was back at my desk than being at a ballpark.

Sloppy. Unreal. Bonehead mistakes on some bona fide routine plays. What was Castillo thinking when he made the error at second base? Who taught Angel Pagan how to bobble balls in left? (He's very good at that). Where was Jose Reyes in that faux rundown? David Wright had a few bad plays, and dare I say the hurling of Ollie Perez made me want to, uh, hurl. (Footnote: for those who know me, I never like to use the same word in a sentence twice, but "hurl" is appropriate and must be re-iterated).

I just had the chance to see the recap of the game on SNY and Adam Rubin's column in the New York Daily News cites that he said the word "desire" and he is right. There was no desire -- in anyone on the field today. Going through the motions is not what you call "playing baseball" in my view.

My tickets cost only $5 and we were able to migrate to the orange seats after awhile, but you know what, I still feel as a fan, I was ripped off.

A friend of mine, also a die hard Mets fan called me up and tried to console the loss by justifying that only 4 of the runs were "earned" so it was really a 4-1 game. A colleague who I went with asked, "are you a stay till the end fan?" and I replied "sure, I believe a 13 run 9th inning 2-out rally is not out of the question.

Let me conclude by coming back to the opening quote of this blog...It's like going to a Broadway play waiting to see a cast full of stars, and all that show up on the stage are just a bunch of unheralded understudies.

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