Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Game of the Year (For Me) -- The Long Subway Delay was the BEST part...

I am normally not cynical, but today's Met's game was just not good if you have any medical condition ranking above a hangnail (a disengaged eyelash qualifies).

After a 3 hour round trip commute to see the Mets squander themselves, I am just taken aback. (Accompanying photo is my commute, not the jam at Shea today)

My odyssey to get there was like the Metropolitans trying to hold on to their once enamored lead. Drive to a nearby town and take the bus over the GW Bridge. Then, I find out the subway is shut down and the shuttle bus would take us 10 blocks...(The wait for that bus was nearly 20 minutes)...Then the subway is on the local track only. I got off at the wrong one (given bad directions by a trusty-looking patron - waiting for another train, then transferring to another before walking to Shea. (I wont bore you with the details on the return trip but it was just as many legs)...I will quote an esteemed cousin of mine who always used to say "It's closer coming back"

Ollie Perez couldn't hold a lead. And play was just plain sloppy. Link to box score:

I am going to make a deal with you, the Mets, my favorite team. For the next game, I have planned another transportation route that will save me at least one hour. All I ask is until I see you again in your house, figure out a better way to win.

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