Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not to Pick on Mike Hampton, but COME ON NOW....

All right. I'll admit it. (You probably never would have guessed that I am......A big fan of Fantasy Baseball. Good feeling being perched in an ivory tower and moving your players like chess pieces (and chattel)...sometimes you look like an absolute genius (still waiting on this end) and other times -- implosion is the result.

So, in one of my leagues, I am looking for a pitcher and who is on the list of free agents? Mike Hampton. Surprisingly, he is owned by 1.2% of owners in the ESPN Fantasy League Baseball (NOTE TO SELF - Invite these 1.2% to my next garage sale and jack up the prices).

Anyway, the word about Hampton:

Hampton (pectoral) threw another pain-free bullpen session prior to Saturday's game against the Dodgers, the Associated Press reports.

Spin: "Facing competition, I'm going to think about it," Hampton said. "It's not an overnight thing. I've just got to get to where I just worry about getting hitters out. Mentally, I'm just a little timid maybe. I'm still trying to feel my way through it." Hampton threw 50 pitches, including breaking balls, during Saturday's session. There's still no set timetable for his return to the Atlanta rotation, but Hampton appears to be at least another two weeks away.
RotoWire Sat, April 19

Puh-leese. And you are getting all this money? Glad you aren't a Met anymore!

In other news, Mets held their own against the Philies today. Ollie pitched a nice game, but Schoenweis, the second coming of John Franco (that's NOT a good thing) gave up a gopher ball to Chase Utley, thereby killing the shutout.

Wright is on fire and putting up some great numbers with a hot bat.

I have noticed that Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph are really letting guys like Wright, Reyes and other "home grown" players a chance to get reaalllll good. Under previous GMs, the patience level was poor and many a great player was traded away and then performed well on other teams...

Well, Sunday night, we have an ESPN game...should be nice.

See you at the Ball Park

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