Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Forensic Rant

Winning. Losing. All part of life and sports.

Losing against a rough, tough opponent with 100% effort, there is no shame. But, if you crumble like an accordion against, what was, nearly 3-4 years ago, a team without TWO countries (Expos-Canada / Nationals-DC), then something is wrong.

Remember the painful memories of the collapse last year? Well, it is rooted in games like these. A few bad games against bad teams not only stir the standings, but the mental aspect of the game and team dynamic.

So, what has to happen? Middle relief needs to get it together. Heilmann is giving runs away like the supermarkets used to give green stamps. I saw a stat the in the last few games, in approx 20 relief innings, there were 19 hits, 4HRs including a granny and the list goes on.

It makes me wonder why a guy like Heath Bell, who was somewhat decent, though not great was let go. Now he's doing even better. I used to take middle relief for granted but now starting to realize it is just as important as the guy who hits grand slams.

So, let's move forward and press on with some solid wins. The Braves come to town this weekend and let's hope the recent four out of 5 losses were flukes.

See you at the ball park.

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