Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hassidic Brew

Crappy title that has nothing to do with the blog post...just wrote it so I could wake up. What a disaster of a game.

I think the Mets DEFENSE is lacking big time - yesterday Argenis Reyes was never in the right place and a lot of balls were getting by the shortstop. Today, F-Mart has a horrendous gaffe in center field.

One thing that goes through my mind...remember Willie Randolph? Yeah. The guy before Jerry Manuel....Not many know where he wound up - yes. Still in baseball and a bench coach for the Brew Crew.

As you recall, he was fired at 3:00-something a.m. by an E-mail.

Wonder what is going through his mind now. Surely a few "I told you so" chuckles.

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