Thursday, June 18, 2009

He HUFFed and He Puffed and He Blew OUR House Down

Second Straight Night Aubrey Huff invoked damage on the Mets.

Going into the 9th, when K-Rod loaded the bases, we all knew it was ALLLLL Over. The Mets rallied a few times and had good moments, but the Birdseye view (from my couch) wasn't that great. (Not to be a fair weather fan, it would have been stellar if they won).

Many have heard me praise Aubrey Huff - Now it's time for the Mets to get their nemesis, make him an ally (and a nemesis to other NL teams).

Livan once again had a no decision. Is that good? No.

Tomorrow its the Rays...I haven't looked at the sked lately, (Cardinals next week) but the Rays who were once a carpet are now a red carpet. Something to look at.

Mets better not LOOK at them, but rather play them well.

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