Sunday, June 14, 2009

White Flag Up....We Surrender....Please Invoke the 10 Run Rule During a ShutOut

If Nancy Pelosi mentions waterboarding one more time, I am going to make her watch the last 10 Mets losses. WE have been waterboarded and tortured with horrible play (AND luck).

In all of my years as a diehard fan, today's game was one of the hardest to watch...In fact, I could only watch the first few innings. If it was a rainy day, I would have stayed in, but it was so sunny that I decided to go outdoors.

Johan was off his game and allowing 9 runs was uncharacteristic of his performance, but, as you have also witnessed, the Mets defense has been terrible. (Worse than that - BELOW suck level).

Heard a stat that said something like the Mets team average with bases loaded was .111. That is anemic. It makes Bobby Sands look like Walter Hudson.

First, I have not been a proponent of extended interleague play. This isn't new, it was blogged about last year. Maybe one series against a rival and then another 3 game series is OK, but it's old now.

My hat goes off to the Yankees...they played well and showed class by sitting some of the stars and giving the B squad a shot.

What's next for the Mets? A serious overhaul. Here's a quick, down and dirty shooting from the hip who they should acquire to help the team....Who do you give up? Doubt anyone wants walking wounded....

P - Cliff Lee
C - Keep Omir ...
1B - Aubrey Huff
2B - Mark DeRosa
SS - If Reyes doesn't return, maybe Edgar Reneteria? I dunno
3B - Wright Stays
OF - Ben Zobrist, Eric Byrnes (he'd do good in NYC) and I like this kid on the O's - Nolan Reimold.
Manager - Hmmmmm - Dusty Baker? I was a fan of his before the Mets went with Art Howe.

I know the list above isn't the be-all, end-all, but it sure feels good being a GM on a Sunday night.

Day off tomorrow (oh, and today wasn't???)....Let's see what transpires as we move forward.

Keith Hernandez basically summed it up. "Throw out today's loss. It is easier to take than the Castillo pop-up-drop."

Ramblings...We need a modern day version of the Reverend Herbert Redmond of Brooklyn's St. Francis Roman Catholic Church who told his flock in 1955 when the great G.H. was slumping...."It's far too hot for a homily. Keep the Commandments and say a prayer for Gil Hodges." It's a shame NYC's new Cardinal is a Cardinals (or Brewers?) fan.

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