Saturday, June 20, 2009

Santana - Mets Bats Defying the Laws of Physics - Runs

Another Santana starts, another game where the Mets bats seems to go Rip Van Winkle...3 hits, 3 doubles total. 1 Run.

Usually when the ace takes the mound, the bats are alive....There was some hustle in the game, but the breaks didn't go the right way. A rain delay...well....that's not cool.

I'm beginning to like Omir Santos...slowly I think he's rounding into the everyday catcher.

Speaking of promising players, let's revisit Fernando Nieve...A good friend of mine had the following quip (and he has been a fan since he was a kid in '62):

The Natural.Fans are missing a great comeback story in Fernando Nieve. Drafted as a skinny 170 pound prodigy at 16 who struggles through a roller coaster of expectations and false starts the minors as property of the Astros, Nieve is claimed by Minaya and gets an opportunity to finally get it right, 50 pounds heavier at 220 and more mature.At only 26, he shows signs of maturity and confidence to step into a pennant race. Stay tuned.

He's got a point~

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