Sunday, June 21, 2009

Twas A Ray Day (Again)

Didn't get a chance to watch much of this contest today - save for the first inning, but when I got back and looked at the box score...I just had to reach for the Pepcid.

Another game blown by the bullpen and this is something like 1-7 over the last several occasions where the starters weren't able to go the distance.

I know we exorcised the spirits of Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoenweis away, but this is bad. Wright put some wood on the ball and IRONICALLY, the Mets gave up only two walks. One from Takahashi (kind of expected) and one from Felciano - who has been a tad overused.

Meanwhile the Rays gave 5 free passes, yet the Mets would go home 4 runs shy.

The good news is that Interleague play is over *GULP* until next week's series with the Yankees.

I am wondering now if CitiField is built over an ancient Indian Burial Ground...hard to hit a home run there. Hey, BJ Upton has been quite effective..why not consider him for next year.

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