Sunday, June 07, 2009


I think I figured out a simple way for the Mets to win. All I gotta do is take a nap.

This morning I did a 35 mile bike ride, ran a few errands and at about 1:28 p.m. (game time, 1:30, closed my eyes while the Mets game started. A mere 28 minutes later upon awakening, the score was 5-0. The team continued the momentum. And, I am glad for that.

We Mets fans have been suffering like the Dow...a 400 point loss, a 25 point gain, a 300 point loss, a $20 gain...etc.

Never did I ever think that beating the Washington Nationals (remember, folks, these were once known as the lowly Expos -- the place that has the ill fitting roof or such in their former stadium....(looks like it was the Mets that caved before the roof).

An anecdote I once heard about actor Wayne Knight (Newman in Seinfeld) had various jobs in his was as a private investigator. What he goes on to describe, reminds me of how it feels to beat crappy teams: "One assignment I had to was to trail a man with a three-legged dog -- that's when I knew I had to do something else."

Day off tomorrow, but I heard the Mets announcers say that coming up, the Mets will be playing teams with winning records (save for the Pirates and one other) until the All-Star break. Time to get serious. AGAIN.

WasherWomanRantings (well, ME)... Don't you wish the following players were still back with the team...Mo Vaughn, Bret Saberhagen, Kenny Rogers, Mike Hampton? Aw right... I didn't mean that...

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