Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"I Don't Think You Do" - This is a POSITIVE Headline - Read On....

The headline of this blog sort of sounds pessimistic - but, if we are playing Jeopardy! the question is "What did Jerry Manuel reply when asked if you take Fernando Nieve out of the line-up.

It has been three starts and he has pitched brilliantly. Tonight, a shut-out performance and keeping the first place Cardinals at bay is no easy task. I know it seems odd that Nieve was a cast-off, but Oliver Perez got more chances that Steve Howe did with his problems. Let's put Ollie out to pasture. (Heck, they did it with Duaner Sanchez whom they messed the whole dynamic of the team with back in 06).

Tonight's game was a milestone win. A confidence booster and one the team should be proud of. The stat that jumped out to me was 8 for 13 with runners in scoring position. Usually when we see these stats as of late, or, **Gulp** bases loaded, the numbers are anemic. How anemic? Mario Mendoza-like.

Welcome back to Nick Evans, who was a reclamation project. He went 7-for-75 in the minors before a fete of hitting. Hope its contagious.

Fernando, I hope you keep your momentum and poise - and keep winning.

Tomorrow its a matinee - Santana and Chris Carpenter. I'm there!

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