Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Ain't In the Cards - That is, With Mets Shuffled Line Up To Beat Pujols...

I opened my mouth (too wide, too boastful) in the elevator today...saw a Mets fan and three Cardinal fans and asked them if they were prepared to lose tonight. They said no. They held their ground - Joe Piniero held the Mets bats in silence.

I got a very interesting email today from a good friend, Mister Earl (some may call him Speedo). He has been a fan since Casey Stengel trotted out to the mound at the Polo Grounds to check on 20-game loser, Al Jackson.

Here goes...interesting points...(this was written before the Cards game tonight and I did not adjust any numbers)

Anyone who does not enjoy watching how these underdog replacement Mets battle (only 1.5 out of first despite all the injuries, drama and human error) is just bitter about the past.

These Mets are unpredictable, fun, gritty and tenacious. A no-name like Omir Santos is more lovable and more clutch than Paul LoDuca ever was.

Alex Cora plays with his finger in a splint.

The butcher of left field, Daniel Murphy, is our new first baseman. Fernando Martinez is about 3 years away from his first shave...Luis Castillo turns boos into cheers because he has heart and does not avoid the glare of the reporters lights. David Wright either strikes out or hits a frozen rope. I have no problem with that.

Jerry Manuel is cool and crazy at the same time. A perfect fit for the improvisational strategy that is required to make guys work through mistakes and make the players believe they still have a job to do.

Ryan Church is seeing clearly now and reminds me of Fred Lynn.

Gary Sheffield was supposed to be washed up, too old and a clubhouse cancer. That toughness is not materializing from thin air. If Lenny Dykstra was nails, Shef is an industrial strength locking bolt.

Omar is shuffling guys like a dealer at a Las Vegas table. Even Sean Green looks like he's figured it out. Mike Parnell is on the clock. All our pitchers from Venezuela (Santana, Rodriguez and even Nieve) are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Win or lose... I love dese freakin' guys

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