Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phillies 2009 = Mets of Late 80s

Too good to be true. Mets leading by several runs..Redding pitching nice. Then, Takahashi, the 40 year old rookie (Couldnt they have waited at least ONE more year?) comes in and gives it all up. (Sadly, he didn't get the loss, though he should have).

The stat that wraggled me was that the Phillies have 20 (YAH, Twenty) come from behind wins this year. That means with 35Ws they were only leading in 15 of these games. Good rallying, wrong team.

Was Cole Hamels right this past winter? I don't want to answer that now -- would rather wait till there are definitive stats, but Jerry needs to make a shakeup.

It ain't all doom and gloom...its just a matter of being outscored.

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