Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mets are the Statues for the Birds

Sometimes you are the bird (Orioles), sometimes the statue (Mets) and you know what birds do to statues?

Mets weren't bad tonight - however, I HOPE Omar Minaya is scouting players for next year -- or for that matter, later this year.

Take Aubrey Huff - (yeah, I know I mentioned him a few times before here) - he can clock the ball a bit and is still young enough to be productive.

Can Pedro Felciano be blamed for the loss tonight? Sure. If you want, but let's face it, he was in the last 7 of 9 games. He has a good ERA and tough to hit....What else? Nick Markakis did well tonight and I can see this kid going places....Jose Reyes Return? I heard "Around the All Star Break." This is going to be tough.

A good friend (former business client) gave me a boost today when he said he thought the Mets could come back and win the pennant. Gotta like friends like that!

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