Monday, June 01, 2009

Dictionary Quiz - How Do You Define and Pronounce "Putz"

Well, there are two ways. If you get everyone out and quell the opposition in the seventh, eighth, and, when needed in the ninth, it's simple...."pootz"

BUT, if you get in a game against the second to last place, oh-so-woeful Pittsburgh Pirates (no slander meant there to my good friend, D.G. who is a huge Bucs the way, D.G. who is in the insurance biz, do you have a policy for the Pirates winning?) - and give up 4 hits, three earned runs, a walk and no K and not even recording an out, then the pronunciation is like it is spelled P-U-T-Z (Check the validity here via

We all knew this would happen, that J.J. would be throwing J.unk, J.unk and get pounded during one outing at some point. ALL relief pitchers implode at one juncture or another.

Going from 5-0, to 5-3 (Livan pitched good, I thought) and then 8-5, something is askew.

For those who want to work on their gagging reflex, here's the box score. Games like these come back and haunt. Mets, you gotta be Ghost (er, Pirate)-Busters. Get the next two!

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Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure his name is pronounced "puts" -- not "pootz."