Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Community Commute

Adam Rubin's article sparks a funny thought...Jerry Manuel made the team commute together rather than going in separate taxi's so the article states. One wonders if Duaner Sanchez was with the team how he would have felt about this.

To me, this whole taxi incident was the rid of Xavier and got Ollie...Do I have to go further? Who wants to watch a ball of yarn get undone by a cat; a map opened and refolded by a get the picture.

To digress back to the point, the Mets were solid today. You know, even when they went into the 9th with a 1 run lead (uh, footnote, 1-0 was the score), I felt they would be invincible.

Pelfrey was the Pelfrey we have been expecting. A low pitch count helped and he actually recorded a few K's. ( did David Wright and two of them are recorded in the scorebooks as backward Ks).

I like high scoring games, but this was a good drama. Would Mets fans take a majority of 1-0 wins vs. 7-6? Sure. It would mess up many a fantasy league, but we want to remember reality. Hats off to Yovani Gallardo - 12ks... And, to quote Steve Somers yesterday on WFAN, he thinks the Mets are an October team.

I'm with ya!

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