Monday, July 13, 2009

All Star Blues (and Orange)

Seems ironic that a few Mets are going to be in the All-Star game, but I am glad for the chance for the folks of the US to see the guys on the team we have really are good.

I find it ironic there is a home run hitting contest. I mean, I haven't turned the contest on the tube, but if any Mets - David Wright - are in it, that should be fun to see. Let's have this contest at CitiField next year to test out all these theories about the park, wind, physics, etc.

Here's an odd thought -- what if the hero of this years' game - whoever it may be - hits a bombastic shot where they come from behind and win by a run...this gives the league home field advantage in the World Series...but, let's say that player gets traded mid season to the other league....wonder how is new teammates would feel if they get to the WS? One of the odd thoughts and permutations in the game, but not so far fetched when you think of Tony Cloninger (pitcher who hit TWO grand slams in one game)...and a slew of others....

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