Friday, July 10, 2009

Arranging the Furniture (And Surprising Hellen Keller)

The headline may seem harsh, but it basically describes the Mets trade of Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur. Early gut reaction tells me its a good one. Ryan was an average player when he came over from the Nationals and improved a bit under the Shea/CitiField facilties.

Jeff Eff is five years younger, supposedly has a cannon for an arm, and showed signs of hitting for average and power early on. AND, the best part, according to SNY's own Kevin B, he WANTS to play in New York.

What Omar did wasn't radical - and, I believe we still DO need a radical move. Looking at the starting lineup, only Wright (and you can quasi count Brian Schneider) as original, regulars, from Opening Day. All replacements. Substitute "instructors" sitting in for "full professors" if I may be bold to draw an inane analogy.

Roy Halladay is on the block. Why not get involved with the talks? He's got a good arm...goes the distance (and I have to say, just like Bronson Arroyo did to the Mets tonight - but the focus here is on baseball not on the Mets losses - at least not overtly)...

So, to bring us back to the title, we are in the same place, but a few things are different. Will we stumble around and trip over them because we aren't use to them? I hope so. Let's get the bats swinging again and the legs running beyond first base.

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