Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oliver Perez - Frustrated - Incorporated

What does Oliver Perez, Carl Pavano and Mike Hampton have in common? They siphoned, milked and shammed their teams to give them a lot of money to do nothing.

I saw Ollie walked 4 tonight in six innings. When will it end?

A song by Soul Asylum, "Misery" reminds me of Ollie. Here are the lyrics...the words in parentheses is what we need / how this blogger feels....

They say misery loves company (Show me someone who gets a thrill out of watching Ollie)
We could start a company (Mets, Inc.)
And make misery, (Ollie and the rest of the team have been good at that this past month)
Frustrated Incorporated

I know just what you need (a NEW pitcher)
I might just have the thing (a NEW pitcher?> Roy Halladay?)
I know what you'd pay to see (a NEW PITCHER!!!!!)
Put me out of my misery (We sent Heilman and Schoenweis away, make Ollie the triumvirate)
I'd do it for you, Would you do it for me? (DAMN RIGHT!)


Link to the Soul Asylum Video (ahhhhhh Clerks!)

1 comment:

Mark said...

I must disagree with you on theme of your blog post. I'll take 3 ER from Ollie P any day. While 4 walks is high, it's an improvement over 7 and 6 walks (which he allowed over his last two starts).

Perez did his job. Mets' offense did not. They basically got lucky in one inning and scored three runs. As usual, then didn't do squat after that. In fact, they were hitless up until the 4th inning.

Bottom line is that the Mets are without their top players. Until they are at full strength, this season is a wash....a car wash, that is.