Friday, July 31, 2009

O-Man, O-Mar....Asleep At The Wheel

I'm not going to go into the game tonight, except to state it is good the Mets are getting better at run management against the opposition.

Daniel Murphy is looking great turning the DP.

Now, today was the last day of the trading deadline and what I want to know is why Omar just sat there as teams are getting star players for prospects. Letting Victor Martinez go by was a move that lacked logic. Trade a Pelfrey, Niese maybe a Reed and a prospect and get a solid dish watcher. A caller to WFAN stated when the Mets acquired Gary Carter, they went to the World Series -- same with Piazza.

Does the front office know more about players than us fans? Doubt it.

So, when V-Mart continues to slug HRs and hit .300+ what do we say?

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