Sunday, July 19, 2009

.333 is Good, No?

For batting average, surely, hitting .333 is phenomenal - but, when you flip the table and apply it to team wins, it is the antithesis. But, I am happy the Mets were able to take one from the Braves. A stat I heard astonished me -- I knew it was high, but to hear it, well, it's akin to someone saying you have spinach on your teeth -- is the Mets were shut out about 7x since June 14.

Mets never used to get blanked. Today they held their own for as long as they could. One thing I observed is how Daniel Murphy LOVES to hustle to 1B on a grounder when he is playing in back of the bag..Could this be a foreshadowing of speed?

I think its a good time for DMurph to learn the position while the team sucks...with a superstar at the bag, he may never get a chance.

Well, as long as I know there are 13 pitchers and 4 reserve players on the bench, that's a good dynamic. Is it? Sarcasm 1, Mets, 0.

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