Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Do I Detect a W for the Mets?

Yes. They beat the Dodgers. I have been praying to obscure Saints with one name (usually Roman) whose names end in -"us" and it has worked. Though it could be a placebo and even Saints are known for miracles...that is, a win for Oliver Perez.

Ollie was typical Ollie. Let me interject something here. To describe how I feel about Ollie on the Mets is best lifted from a line from M*A*S*H* when Hawkeye is writing home describing Charles Emerson Winchester (The Thuuurrrd) - "He's like a substitute teacher that stayed the whole year." For some reason, Mets management likes him. He seems to be like Teflon and has had more chances that the late Steve Howe.

Ollie was very liberal with the BBs and this is a killer. Seven isn't a lucky number here.

What I found somewhat odd was I turned the opening of the game on while driving, and he tosses 4 straight balls. BOOM. Then later on, as I turn the TV on, what is the first thing I hear? "BALL FOUR." (and I don't mean the great Jim Bouton's book).

I was nice to see Manny go O-fer, until he grooved K-Rod to the right field stands and made HR hitting look easy. Metsies, he came to YOUR house and upset your coffee table...Now you gotta do the same.

Lets pick the Dodgers apart - again.

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