Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beaming at the Keyboard --- and the Dugout

This is the first game in ages (I think if we can carbon date it, it would go back to when we used to have Italian popes) that I am actually HAPPY after a Mets game.

Santana was Santana. Angel Pagan put wings on, flew up and saved two runs in the first inning. That set the tone of the game.

And "The New Boy" Jeff Francoeur knocked in two runs in his first at-bat. Plus the team played well defensively and held the Reds to ZERO runs. Usually its the other way around.

This is going to be a short post...I am a bit's hope the Mets will now play in a Bizzarro World from their recent games....Hearing that the 73 team was in last place in August still gives encouragement. Baseball seems to be like the stock market..resilient for awhile, then weaker than a schoolyard punching bag....Jeff Eff has 65 career outfield assists since he broke into the league in '05....the Mets TEAM record for outfield assists (and this is career, mind you) is 64....Hopefully that Cannon-Like Arm will remind us of Larry Walker.

I'm going to root extra loud tomorrow. A friend offered me a ticket to the game, but I can't go.

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