Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mets Home Runs - No Need To Post (PASTE) Them On Milk Cartons

A second straight win going into the All-Star Break is a nice way to put a mini denouement to the first half of the season.

Seems like the Metropolitans have finally figured out they have to get their heads in the better defense and support each other at the bat, in the field and all over.

We are still in limbo when the regular guys will (IF) return from the DL, so in this case, we have to rely on regular water instead of Holy Water, and this is acceptable during these times (Catholic peeps will get the referenece).

Ironic how all the Mets got to the All Star team as the club is foundering. Look for an upward change after Tuesday.

The next three days are "off" from the game, but look for a few mini blog posts here and there...some may be observations, stats and did you knows.

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