Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ollie-------------WE"RE SORRY (we signed you)

This is the last straw. Perez MUST go...cut him...terminate the contract. How do you walk six, plus hit a batter and lose - get shut out - by the Nationals, a team arguably poorer than the Mets. Ollie walks an average of 6.9 batters per game. Even the kid who sucks in Little League isn't that pathetic.

Oliver, your day has passed. You are a typewriter (we are using portable mobile, laptops now).
Oliver, your day has passed. You are an 8-Track Cartridge (we are listening to digital recordings).
Oliver, your day has passed. You are a biplane (we are cruising the world in Jets now).

Oliver, your day has passed. You are a TERRIBLE PITCHER (we need a live arm).

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Mark Spark said...

HAHHAA, this was a great post. HOWEVER, we continue to bash Ollie without also bashing the Mets' offense. No runs? That's a bigger issue to me than Ollie giving up four ER (he did walk 6 too many, though).

Sorry but a guy like Oliver Perez giving up 4 ER is something I'll DEFINITELY take every time out. Mets need to score more than 0 runs to win, no?

Ollie can stick around...I don't want to see the following players anymore: Tatis, Pagan, Castillo and Cora.

I think the Mets should drop those guys and bring up fresh blood from the minors. My friend reacted to his idea with "but then they'd lose every game." My reply: "they're already losing every game."