Thursday, July 23, 2009

If Duffy Was Still Catching, He'd Change The Spelling of His Last Name to Dire

OK, excuse the pun in the title...and for those of you who are still mystified and aren't looking at another Web page, it was a spoof on old Mets' catcher, Duffy Dyer.

Mets are off today...well, they aren't playing. They have been WAY off for quite awhile.

Someone who reads my blog posted a comment which I would like to address:

  • When is Johan pitching? That's our only shot at winning a game LOL

Sadly, there is a lot of merit in that statement. Brings me back to an old adage which I wrote about before here - the phrase "Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain"

Would love to take the liberty and modify it a bit - more for the sound than the message.

Johan, Insane Today - Remember John Maine?

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