Friday, July 03, 2009

An Open Note to Omar Minaya

Omar - We have been losing - not only players to the DL, but games and a few players who would have been good additions - granted, some band-aids - for the Metropolitans while many of the core team are collecting AFLAC benefits.

Mark DeRosa - slipped through the goal. Nyjer Morgan /Nate McLouth - practically given away at Goodwill rates.

I'm sure you heard that Manny Rodriguez is coming back. STOP. I don't want you to get him as he would be trouble. But, with his return, there is an "odd man out" and that is Juan Pierre. Pierre would be a good leadoff hitter, he runs and scores runs. Will he hit home runs at CitiField? (IF he hits 5, he will top David Wright). - No, Juan isn't know for powerful lumber. But he might be what we are looking for. And, I am sure he can be had cheap.

Speaking of "cheap" - your SS needs to start diving for balls - whoever it is. Saw too many slip by that could have been stopped.

Now a Word from my good friend, ML, the Mets Sage: Despite all their struggles, errors and injuries - the Mets are in a virtual tie for first place. Why? Because Jerry Manuel has held them together, literally (on the bus) and figuratively (with his sense of reality and humor). That which has not killed them has only made them stronger. August will be a month to remember with Redding, and Billy Wagner added to the bullpen and the always unpredictable Olive Perez added to the rotation. Did somebody say Carlos Delgado has resumed baseball drills? Be still my heart.

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